Jun 20, 2010

Township Swing Jazz - Vol.1

barabara sounds sez:
More of those infectious sounds from that golden age of township jazz. This one features plenty of musicians who went on to become some of the best known in/from the country. In case you don't know the background, the innocuous-sounding Father Huddlestone Band — set up by the anti-apartheid priest (and later archbishop) Trevor Huddlestone — was actually the crucible that Hugh Masekela and also Jonas Mosa Gwangwa emerged from. Legend has it Masekela started playing on a trumpet donated by Louis Armstrong (talk about passing on the torch!) — though others say the horn was scrounged from the Salvation Army. Whichever version you care to believe, jive in. And go the bafana bafana!

A stellar collection of South African pop music from the 1940s and '50s -- probably the best introduction to this style that you can find, and fairly easy to track down. American swing and pop vocal styles are gloriously transmuted into utterly delectable melodic forms -- the perfect thing to put on some day when you're down in the dumps and want to feel really, really warm and fuzzy. This disc features the best artists of the time, the recordings of many of whom are maddeningly impossible to find anywhere else. Especially cool are Miriam Makeba's original vocal ensemble, The Skylarks, and the beautiful pennywhistle music of groups such as the Solven Whistlers. This is a fun, fascinating album, and highly, highly recommended!

Track listing:
1. De Makeba - Mackay Davashe
2. Emaxambeni - Eric Nomvete
3. Pula Kgosi Seretse - Miriam Makeba
4. Daily Bread - Fred Mekoa
5. Daddy Wami - Ntemi Piliso
6. Tlhapi Ke Noga - Sam Maile
7. Ndenzeni Na? (What Have I Done?) - Father Huddleston Band
8. Darlie Kea Lemang - Mary Rabotapi
9. Lalelani - Miriam Makeba
10. Yiyo Le - Eric Nomvete
11. Malayisha - traditional
12. Makambati - Mackay Davashe
13. Good Time Boys - Kippie Moeketsi
14. Zulu Jazz - Christoph Songxaka
15. Ke Ya Kae le Bona - Dolly Rathebe
16. African Jive - Ntemi Piliso
17. Ndixolele - Miriam Makeba
18. Misfhane - Father Huddleston Band
19. Motsoala - Father Huddleston Band
20. Hamba 2 - Dugmore Slinger


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pt.1: http://www.mediafire.com/?nvidtwx24mc
pt.2: http://www.mediafire.com/?oxiimzdtjyi

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