Aug 22, 2009

HAR-YOU Percussion Group - Sounds of the Ghetto Youth

barabara sounds sez:
Can't add much more to what dusty says below. Give your ears a treat!

dusty sez:
A legendary bit of Latin from the New York scene of the 60s — recorded by a host of youthful players working under the direction of percussionist Montego Joe! The group's name is a contraction of "Harlem Youth" — a program in which all players participated, as part of an effort to get kids involved in music uptown — spearheaded by Montego Joe, whose guidance in the set is greatly appreciated! There's a strong Latin Soul vibe running through the set — but one that's different than Joe's other work, a bit more rootsy at times, given all the percussion in the lineup — but warmed up nicely with bits of guitar, trumpet, and alto sax. The album's filled with great groovers — including the classic "Welcome To The Party Jam", and the amazing "Oua-Train" jazz cut, which has a slightly spiritual feel. Other tracks include "Feed Me Good", "Barrets Bag", "Tico", "Har-You Theme", "Ngoma", and "Santa Cruz". CD features a bonus track -- "Montego Joe's Har-You Postscript 2008".

Robert Glasper Trio - Mood

allaboutjazz sez:
Mood might be interpreted at first sight to be a "mood record." This is accurate only as relates to the tracks with Bilal though, which include a very ethereal version of Herbie Hancock's "Maiden Voyage" and the vocal feature "Don't Close Your Eyes," which is definitely a moody ballad to say the least. For those not familiar, Bilal is not a stereotypical male R&B vocalist in any way, so he should prove to be of interest to openminded listeners. He doesn't try to be a "jazz singer" here but he's not asked to be either, only to bring his thing to the table in terms of generating some serious atmosphere.

The majority of the record, though, is devoted to well-executed, swinging and creative piano trio music made in tandem with Glasper's comrades: bassist Robert Hurst and drummer Damion Reid.

barabara sounds sez:
Catch Glasper live if you have the chance. Failing that, check out his Blue Note album 'In My Element'. This, an earlier album, is perhaps less compelling but it's still excellent.

track listing:
Maiden Voyage; Lil Tipsy; Alone Together; Mood; Don't Close Your Eyes; Blue Skies; Interlude; In Passing; L.N.K Blues

Robert Glasper piano; Bob Hurst bass; Damion Reid drums; Mike Moreno guitar (track 4); John Ellis tenor saxophone (tracks 4, 9); Marcus Strickland tenor saxophone (track 9)

HOT OFF THE PRESS (late November)
Bilal has just announced his first LP since his 2001.
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