Jun 4, 2010

Blue Mitchell - Blue's Moods

barabara sounds sez:
Probably the first essential Blue Mitchell album, at least to these ears. Although I listen to his later work on Blue Note a whole lot more, this one (1960 on Riverside) is definitely worth pulling out from the dusty recesses of my closet from time to time — just get an earful of that rhythm section of Kelly, Jones and Brooks. Plus I love that cover, the way Blue's trumpet is just smoking!

There's a fine appreciation of this album over at thenightowl. Here's some of it:
As you listen to these tracks, it's readily apparent that this wasn't just a one-off thing. Kelly and Jones both get to stretch out a bit on the lightly swinging "Avars." One of the best cuts here is the superb rendition of Charlie Parker's "Scrapple From the Apple." This may be Blue's date, but the trio really stands out on this one.


Anonymous said...

in the mood to comment?


taro nombei said...

Like later Blue Mitchell? Check out these:
Bring it home to me, over at Bacoso's incomparable Orgy in Rhythm;
Collision in black, at Cheeba"s soundological investimigations;
and Bantu Village over at Jazzbros.'
All of them first rate albums!

[Can't figure out how to get rich text links in the comments here, but all three sites are on my blog roll]

Mich Ing said...

Thanks very much! Neither WinZip nor WinRAR likes the first file here ("I'll Close My Eyes"), reporting "bad CRC." The other tracks come out OK and Mr. Mitchell is burning... excellent album!

taro nombei said...

@ Mich Ing
I'll see if I can reupload that one track for you soon.

Baron said...

Thanks for the Blue Moods ... Baron