Jun 9, 2010

Jazz Offerings From South Africa

barabara sounds sez:
I know I'm not the only person on the planet with half a mind on South Africa right now. So, looking ahead to the global football shenanigans, here's a compilation of music from there — issued in 1999 but covering a five-decade span (earliest 1950, most recent 1998), ranging in quality from alright to excellent to out and out classics. A reviewer at amazon.com gushes over the Alan Cameron track (and AMG thought she mostly heard 'Latin' music — was she listening to the same album, I wonder?). Personally I prefer the township jazz, especially those pennywhistle virtuosos. If your taste also veers that way, then listen out for the tracks by Makgona Tsohle Band, Big Voice Jack and the great Spokes Mashiyane. Consider these a preview for a few upcoming posts I've got planned.

Stay tuned — and don't blast your ears out on those vuvuzelas!

AMG (Stacia Proefrock) sez:
An amazingly diverse collection of musicians from South Africa playing music with jazz influences that range from subtle to unmistakably strong. Latin and smooth jazz styles predominate, mixed with Afro-beat and South African folk elements. The strength of each individual artist here is not remarkable -- no single performer really stands out with a stunningly great piece of music -- but the album nevertheless manages to intrigue the listener with its melding of musical cultures.

a customer at amazon sez:
healing, soulful sentiments and feelings from the composer and performers of this title, at an historic juncture in South African history. Particularly moving are the near to audible tears of the violinist and saxophonist whose unique solo's express one of the most truthful and reflective tributes to the life and times of Nelson Mandela. So saying it seems to be a warm and emotive musical embrace of South Africa's beautiful people & new leaders, who continue to build a nation whilst transcending everyday adversity after a long uphill struggle for peace and freedom.


Anonymous said...

offerings and comments gratefully received!

CD1: http://www.mediafire.com/?jemijdltjew
CD2: http://www.mediafire.com/?ymov23e42om

Mimi Soul said...

perfect time for sharing this ! Thanks a lot


blbs said...

Thanks!!!! I hate football...

taro nombei said...

@ blbs
I hate vuvuzelas, but I love those South African sounds.
thanks for the comment — ad good luck for your team anyway!!