Oct 30, 2013

Elvin Jones "Special Quartet" - Tribute To John Coltrane: "A Love Supreme"

barabara sounds sez: 
Elvin Jones played a lot in Japan, but this live session from 1992 (recorded at Shinjuku Pit Inn) was a little bit special: a) because it featured a version of the full Love Supreme suite; b) because instead of sax the lead instrument was a trumpet; and c) it was Wynton Marsulis. And he really blows beautifully! 

As for the rest of the album, it's a mixed bag: another Trane composition; a birthday jam on the Happy Birthday riff; and a blues. But the album is worth it entirely for those opening 47 minutes.

Delfeayo Marsulis sez (in the liner notes)
This recording is a tribute to two legends in modern American music [Coltrane and Jones]… Elvin Jones refuses to offer inadequate performances of any composer's music. His force as the premiere modern drummer is immediately recognized, yet his endless spirit and determination are seldom (if ever) discussed by the critical community… he continues to develop as a musician and a man. His improvisations are unparalleled…

Elvin Jones sez (also in the liner notes):
This recording is one of my most valuable musical experiences… To have John's music interpreted by a master virtuoso such as trumpeter Winton Marsulis. Marcus Roberts and Reginald Veal provided impeccable support which created an atmosphere of unique quality. 

Elvin Jones drums; Reginald Veal bass; Marcus Roberts piano; Wynton Marsulis trumpet

A Love Supreme (Parts I, II, III); Dear Lord; Happy Birthday for Yuka; Blues for Veen


taro nombei said...



Andy said...

Absolutely worthy of a comment, thanks for sharing such a gem Taro Nombei. I will check it out tonight.

E-mile said...

thanks Taro! always good to hear a "new" love supreme and I am curious about wynton's trumpet taking the lead vocals here, indeed... totally new to me, this one (though I am not a big wynton marsalis fan, I like branford's music generally way better [:-) But I go in here with an open ear.
hope all's well at your end?
peace, E-mile

taro nombei said...

@ Andy
cheers, it is indeed a rarity.

taro nombei said...

@ E-mile
I thought you might take that bait E.
I feel exactly the same way about a) trumpet vs sax; and b) WM.
Thanks and all is well but busy busy…

E-mile said...

hi Taro, busy is good, right?
and the 47 minutes take on the entire Love Supreme are indeed of exxxcellent taste! Many thanks for the share, greatly appreciated...another deep bow towards the mighty Taro Nombei-san

yes said...

Thanx, maybe I can recapture the magic of hearing the piece for the first time 40 years ago.

Anonymous said...

never heard this one, I'm not a fan of Wynton either but still this must be a good one, after all you've shared it here.
plus it's a 47 min version of Love Supreme!!

Thanks Taro!


taro nombei said...

exactly my feelings...

@ yes
well, I don't think anything will stand up to what it was like hearing A Love Supreme for the very first time. But I hopefully you were able to hear the music with fresh ears ;-)

Anonymous said...

Love Supreme indeed!! Thanks!!

Dr. Puck said...

Thanks. Different but masterful.