Dec 18, 2009

Nathan Davis Sextet - Peace Treaty

barabara sounds sez:

The Nathan Davis Sextet from 1965, recorded in Paris with Woody Shaw on trumpet and issued on the SFP label. It's a classic — the man himself says so:

"The idea of naming the album "Peace Treaty" arose from the various meetings held between American and North Vietnam in Paris in an attempt to negotiate a cease fire and peace treaty during the Vietnamese Conflict.

It was during this period that I dedicated a lot of tunes that i was composing to the idea of peace, love and non-violence. When Claude Lenissois first approached me to do an album, he suggested that we record at the Comedie des Champs-Elysees because they had a good track record of producing good sound.

Everything fell into place because i was working steady with Kenny Clarke, René Urtreger, Jimmy Gourley Woody Shaw and Jean-Louis Chautemps on a regular basis at the 'Blue Note'. So we all had to do was fly Jimmy Woode in from Germany where he was living at the time.

Donald Byrd was also living in Paris and occasionally played with us at the Blue Note, so he came in and helped produce the record.

Time has proven it to be a classic."

Nathan T. Davis, Jan. 2007 — from the liner notes for the reissue CD

Nathan Davis - tenor & soprano sax

Woody Shaw - trumpet

Jean-Louis Chautemps - baritone sax

René Urtreger - piano

Jimmy Woode - bass

Kenny Clarke - drums

Jimmy Gourley - guitar


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Thanks for this one. Never enough Woody Shaw out there.

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If it's Woody Shaw you dig, then you need to check out the essential discography over at the one and only el goog:

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TN: I have this one for a bit more than a year or so, it's proven to be a record one can never hear enough! highly recommended, but that counts for EVERY Nathan Davis album imo.
peace, E-mile

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found out about nathan davis on the blogs... really like this. thanks!

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