Dec 30, 2009

Lazaro Ros and Grupo Olorun - Olorun I

barabara sounds sez:
Here's another album I picked up on the same trip. There are plenty of people who know a lot more than me about the Yoruba/Orisha religion and the praise music for the various gods. All I can say is that the old religion of the Mother Continent underpins all the music that comes out of Cuba. On one level, the rhythms of the drumming and the call and response-style chanting seem simple; but at the same time they are compelling and profound. This is probably the first time this music has appeared in the blogosphere.

Here's a comprehensive list of Orisha music (originally put together by Ish, the man behind the primo, not-to-be-missed Ile Oxumare) that offers a multitude of possibilities for further listening.
And here is an article on women's contribution to the sacred music. Definitely worth a read.


Anonymous said...

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taro nombei said...

More Lazaro Ros here:
Lazaro Ros & Mezcla - Cantos

ish said...

Being a santero, I love this stuff. Lazaro Ros's voice is a bit of an acquired taste, but it's pretty authentic.

Thanks for the link to that list of Orisha Music....I wrote that! I had it on an aol site which closed and it's been copied all over with nobody asking.

There's some orisha music and related on my Ile Oxumare site:

taro nombei said...

That's a really comprehensive list, so obviously it had to have been written by someone really in the know... Of course, it was Ish :)

Roots & Rooted is a fascinating site, even if — like me — you only have a superficial knowledge of W.Africa, its culture and its diaspora.

thanks for dropping by, Ish. Have a great New Year!

cheeba said...

Thanks Taro! Missed this one, been behind due to a few things going really wrong in the last week of 2009...including a bunch of stitches in my hand which made writing a pain in the arse (got 'em out today).

Nice deepness here and if any readers need prompting, the fact ish gives it his blessing should be more than enough.

Ish, I saw that excellent list when I did up the Orishas Across the Ocean post a couple weeks ago - should've known it was yours!

Happy belated New Year TN!

taro nombei said...

Sorry to hear that -- sounds like 2009 is best left behind and forgotten.
Time to look ahead! Hope all's on the upswing and in positive territory now...
best for 2010!

Newk said...

Greetings. I've been wanting to post comments to your blog for some time, but for some reason I cannot while using Firefox, and can't seem to fix the problem. Thank you so much for posting this great album. However, tracks 3 and 11 seem to be corrupt. Now that I know that I can post comments using a different browser, I'll drop a few more on some albums I plucked from your blog!

taro nombei said...

@ Newk

I appreciate you letting me know. What's up with MF these days anyway? Too many files/albums getting corrupted...

Anyway, I'll try to reupload the album as soon as I can get to it (next couple of days at earliest).

thanks for dropping by :–)