Dec 24, 2009

Asylum Street Spankers - Merry Christmas Baby

A whole album of Spankers weirdness is far too much to take, even with the festive theme. But here's clarinetist and all-round hipster Stanley Smith delivering the Yuletide greetings in his inimitable way. And if you don't know Stanley (and few do) you need to check out his bluesy album In the Land of Dreams — it's one of those under-the-radar lost-in-the-ozone all-time classics.

A very Merry Christmas to one and all.


Anonymous said...

taro nombei said...

This is what Amazon says about 'In the Land of Dreams' and I'd pretty much agree:

A lifetime making music distilled into ten gorgeous songs, In the Land of Dreams is the very first solo album by the Asylum Street Spankers clarinetist and American treasure, Stanley Smith. Focusing on Stanley's songwriting and distinctive guitar playing rather than his clarinet work, this album continues in the evocative vein of "Blade of Grass." These lushly produced tracks cover a broad musical territory yet carry a breezy, warm feeling throughout the journey.

I'd post the whole album here it's so good, but Stanley is no spring chicken and he has some serious health concerns. So go buy the album and help an old (and very cool) hepster.

bumkuncha said...

What a bandname!

Merry Christmas taro nombei

taro nombei said...

And to you and yours!

Wally said...

Hi TN,
thanks for another intriguing entry.
Can't wait to listen. But so much great music I haven't heard before, I will be lucky to get round to it by Christmas 2012.
As you can see I'm working my way through your back catalogue.
But I'm continually amazed the links are still active. I guess you must be paying for the service. Do you need any donations?
Admiration and thanks, WallyG

taro nombei said...

@ Wally
Very glad you're enjoying. And I do appreciate the sentiment. But no, all I need is the occasional feedback in the comments box to know that others are digging the music too.
Thanks for letting me know!