Dec 14, 2009

Babatunde Lea - Umbo Weti: A Tribute to Leon Thomas

A big shout out to Ish at the essential ile oxumare for bringing this one to my attention. The mail man delivered the CD a couple of days back and it's really worth the outlay (yes, the yen's strong these days). Percussionist Babatunde Lea is the real deal, he's played with the likes of Pharoah Sanders, Joe Henderson and Idris Ackamoor — as well as the late, great Leon Thomas, whose music, influence and life are celebrated here in a strong spiritual set recorded live. There's some nice video footage of the gig included too.

Read more about it over at ile oxumare — and then go over to motema for the full lowdown (plus there's a free download to whet your appetite).


matthew said...

Hey TN. Saw you were after Jazz praises. Any luck or would you still like it?

taro nombei said...

Hi Matthew
That would be brilliant - I'd love to hear it.
If you've got a link you can drop it here, or at my email: nombei(at)
much appreciated!

corvimax said...

i'm trying hard to buy this one but only with credit card.
any chance for a link?

corvimax said...

of course something in return you could appreciate, and you can post it or circulate the links if you want to

Byard Lancaster - Exodus (Philly jazz 1977)

mp3 + scans

flac + scans

taro nombei said...

@ corvimax
that's right, I think the only place to buy it is from the Motema web site.
I haven't ripped/upped this — it's still well in print, and I do like to support the artists wherever possible. But if you'd like to drop me a direct email (not through comments) ...

And many thanks for the Byard Lancaster.
It's a bit hidden away in the comments here, but I:m sure others will really enjoy it too!