Sep 24, 2013

John Coltrane on Open Culture

Open Culture sez:
The great jazz saxophone player John Coltrane was born 88 years ago today. To mark the occasion we present this rare document… Coltrane's handwritten outline of his groundbreaking jazz composition, A Love Supreme…

Lewis Porter (author of JC: His Life and Music) sez:
This is something very unusual. It's not the way he usually improvises. It's not really improvised. It's something that he's doing… He ends up playing this little "Love Supreme" theme in all 12 possible keys…

barabara sounds sez: 
So what are you waiting for? Get yourself over to Besides that rare artifact (the manuscript above), there's also a link to the NPR interview with Porter that I took that extract from. Plus down the bottom, some other previous nifty Coltrane posts.

I was late getting to the party that is Open Culture. Just in case anyone else isn't aware of this brilliant resource, there are some wicked jazz-related posts. Such as this one: The Universal Mind of Bill Evans...


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