Aug 6, 2013

Mal Waldron - Mal Waldron [Thanks a million, MALsan]

barabara sounds sez:
The late great Mal Waldron toured Japan quite a lot, especially from the 1980s. The 10 tracks on this album were recorded between 1995 and 1999. All feature Mal playing solo live, though you'd hardly know it until you hear the applause at the end of track 9. 

The album was put together as an homage by producer Ito Hideharu of 3361*Black Records and issued posthumously in 2003 through Tokuma Records.

There's another track Mal recorded in Japan, that comes to mind on this day (August 5). It's from the album Travellin' in Soul-Time, with Jeanne Lee and Toru Tenda... Black Rain
Black Rain by Mal Waldron/Jeanne Lee/Toru Tenda on Grooveshark

DjangoThe Seagulls Of Kristiansund; My Foolish Heart; My One And Only Love; When Sunny Gets Blue; I Should Care; Remember; I Didn't Know What Time It Was; You Don't Know What Love Is; Left Alone

issued on 3361*Black (J) TKCK 3012


taro nombei said...

Thanks a million (for your comments)

anon'n'on said...

worth it for seagulls song alone, but i'll love it all..thanks

ritzbird said...

Thanks for this rare disc of solo Mal,most appreciated.

Juby said...

Thanks so much for this recording! Arigato gozaimashita!

taro nombei said...

@anon'n'on, @ritzbird, @Juby
Your're more than welcome.
Do itashimashite!

corvimax said...

thanks a billion!

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nice one!

yotte said...

This album is new to me. Can't wait to hear it. THANK YOU!!!

anders said...

thank you!! i love Mal

Anonymous said...

good stuff, never heard about this one, very pleasant!
thanks much, Taro!


taro nombei said...

@ anders, @ Igor


Anonymous said...

thanks a lot!
will make my (fine) sunday!
great blog

Anonymous said...

love it, superb!
please, keep going