Aug 31, 2012

Jazz Supreme – Modal Blue Sketches

barabara sounds sez:  
Jazz Supreme Numero Cinco, and it's yet another cracker – another belting line-up in the tried-and-true vein. It starts out like it means business with the one and only Dave Brubeck, moving on into Duke Pearson and then the wonderful Harold McNair. Then come the heavy hitters: Wayne Shorter, Leon Thomas and Mingus, via Ray Russell and Ahmad Jamal, before sealing the deal with Paul Horn, Dave Pike and Freddie's version of Little Sunflower.

By this stage in the series you could argue there is only one way to go, and compiler Toru Hashimoto is maybe playing it safe in some respects. But, bottom line, there are no no-nos! OK, the world can exist very readily without soft piano trio renderings of Boz Scaggs. But Louis van Dijk really is not a problem. And at least there's no Elliott Smith… 

So here we reach the end of the Jazz Supreme line. Yes, there were actually six in the series. But someone appears to have borrowed/lifted the sixth and final album from me. So, unless someone steps forward and kindly contributes the last one – this is the one we're missing – then that's it.

01. Dave Brubeck – Unsquare dance
02. Duke Pearson – The fakir
03. Harold McNair – The hipster
04. Lee Konitz – FIve, four and three
05. Wayne Shorter – Mahjong
06. Dave Grusin – Inez 
07. Leon Thomas – The Creator has a master plan (Peace)  
08. Ray Rusell Quartet – Footprints 
09. Ahmad Jamal – MASH theme (Suicide is pointless) 
10. Charles Mingus – Better git it in your soul
11. The Paul Horn Quintet  – Abstraction
12. The Dave Pike Quartet – Why not
13. Freddie Hubbard – Little sunflower
14. Louis van Dijk Trio – We're all alone


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

thank you
really nice comp and good rip

bongohito said...

wow. gone already. looks like you need to find a more stable host.

this series has been supreme. toru hashitomo is my man of choice, presiding over cafe apres-midi in shibuya for many years and assembling another great series by that name before this one.

good weekend and hopefully you can find another host so we can complete our collection.


g.raf said...

Thanks for this run of posts TN.
Nice to have a good selection of the better modal/spiritual jazz tunes comped in this way.

taro nombei said...

@ g.raf
glad you got there before the plug was pulled!

taro nombei said...

@ bongohito
Yes, absolutely, Toru Hashimoto has (almost) impeccable taste! There was the brilliant Free Soul series too.

taro nombei said...

@ bongohito & everyone
It was only a matter of time but...
MF has pulled the plug on me.
I won't be reposting previous shares, for the moment anyway.
But hopefully barabara sounds will reemerge before long.

bongohito said...

oh taro - time to crank it up again...

Anonymous said...

OK, let's try this, see how long it lasts…

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for this try. Much appreciated!

Any chance to do the same with 'Spiritual Love Is Everywhere'?

And why not have a try at zippyshare or filepost for the future?


bongohito said...

excellent - now that's more like it! no need to start spilling over cried milk. fear not, the big machine isn't out to push you into a corner and make an example out of you.

seriously, thanks. this series has been so superb. we all appreciate your time and effort.

taro nombei said...

@ dan-the-man
links for all the series now up.
thanks for the suggestions, but for the moment, I'm sticking with mf — I just prefer the interface.

@ bongohito
not quite sure I follow you…
but reviving the links for past posts will have to wait till I'm less busy with other stuff.