Aug 19, 2012

Jazz Supreme - Modal Waltz-A-Nova

barabara sounds sez:  
Album #3 in the Jazz Supreme series strikes a rather different balance of sounds. This time around there are none of the contemporary club jazz artists (unlike the first two albums). Instead we get a classic selection of tracks by the likes of Roy Haynes, McCoy Tyner, Oliver Nelson, Elvin Jones and — one of the standouts — Walt Dickerson.

Great to have some UK and European jazzers represented in the mix, too. If you like that Roland Kovac track, check out the full album here. There are also a couple of odd ones out: what Pedro Biker and Elliott Smith or their tracks are doing here is hard to fathom. But hey, it's really no problem: if (like me) you don't think they belong, then just program them out of your playlist... 

01. James Clay – Pavanne
02. The Mike Westbrook Concert Band – Waltz (for Joanna) 
03. Oliver Nelson – Patterns
04. Walt Dickerson – Death and taxes
05. The Latin Jazz Quintet – Rip a dip 
06. Roy Haynes – Dorian  
07. McCoy Tyner – Three flowers  
08. Pedro Biker – Wives and lovers  
09. Elvin Jones – Half and half 
10. Mary Lou Williams – It ain't necessarily so
11. Michael Garrick Septet – Ursula
12. Yusef Lateef – Love theme from 'Spartacus' 
13. Roland Kovac Orchester – Blue dance
14. Wolfgang Dauner Quartet – Waltz for a young girl
15. Elliott Smith – Waltz #1


Anonymous said...
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the jazzstronaut said...

Nice collection TN, a few I'm familiar with, some I've never heard before, looking forward to listening tonight.

g.raf said...

Loving these recent posts, Taro Nombei.
Many thanks for taking the trouble to share them.

boogieman said...

Excellent compil' Taro. For me the discovery was Ted Vining Trio' energetic rendition of Impressions.
But the whole selection is very tasty.

Anonymous said...

new link:

holo said...

oh this is tremendous you have manged to put up new links, i was hugely disappointed before when i saw you;d posted all these amazing looking comps but none of the links worked. thank you so much.

taro nombei said...

it's a pleasure!

Pepe said...

really loving the series.. any chance of a fresh link to this one?

taro nombei said...

Seek, and you will find.

Pepe said...

nope, still getting permission denied, Taro

Anonymous said...

taro nombei said...

there you go Pepe!

Pepe said...

Fantastic, many thanks Taro

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