Jul 11, 2012


barabara sounds sez:
Out today.
"…a jazz driven manifest powered by Fear, Despair, Anger and Hope."
Full details (in Japanese) here..

3.11- A year has passed since the tsunami hit Fukushima to cause an unexampled disaster. Meanwhile, for the whole year, a remarkable bassist/composer/arranger, Jyoji Sawada has kept asking himself, what can jazz do, what kind of music, melody, can a musician play in the face of this tragedy. Now he assembles top musicians in Japan to create a a sonic description of what has happened in Japan after the incident. NNJO is a musical statement for all who lives in the Post-Fukushima era, a jazz driven manifest powered by Fear, Despair, Anger and Hope.

3.11- 巨大地震によって引き起こされた未曾有の事故から1年。ジャズはいま、何を語り、何を訴え、何を歌うことができるのか。鬼才コンポーザー/アレンジャー/ベーシスト沢田穣­治がリズム隊に芳垣安洋、岡部洋一、沢田のサウンドには必須のストリングス・クアルテットと管楽器隊としてサクソフォビア、そして、おおたか静流とアン・サリーなど当代き­っての辣腕を従え、ときにグロテスクに、ときに美しく綴るポスト・フクシマの音風景。ジャズに託された絶望と希望のマニフェスト。


Miles said...

A very nice little excerpt. Thank you for the introduction to Jyoji Sawada. I've been listening to a lot of big band charts recently and will track this down. Based on the very brief excerpt, I don't hear any of the fear, despair, or anger that apparently informs this recording, but I certainly hear the hope. And that's a good thing.

thebeathunters said...

thanks for the wonderful selections, cool info and spiritual vibe, you're one of a kind!

thebeathunters said...

thanks for all the wonderful selections, cool info and spiritual vibe, you're one of a kind!
my fave place lately

taro nombei said...

@ Miles
Thank you for listening to this clip with such intensity.
I think the jazz reflects a bit what we are all feeling. As in: let's focus and express the hope and moving forward. But make no mistake, where it's coming from is anger, fear and despair that this country will never be the same again (for better or for worse).
And actually, that goes for the planet as a whole. Time for us all to wake up!

taro nombei said...

I'll post more information about Sawada-san in a bit. He's done plenty !

Miles said...


i understand completely regarding the need for healing in the aftermath of great tragedy, and there is no better way to do that than through music. much like 'build an ark' came together for remedial purposes in the wake of 9/11, jyoji sawada strives to assuage the grief of those directly affected by japan's tsunami and subsequent nuclear reactor meltdown. i'm sure the music must be heavy with emotions that run the gamut. i'm pleased however that apparently in the end, hope triumphs over despair.

i genuinely look forward to hearing the 'no nukes jazz orchestra' in its entirety, and i also await your further exposing me sawada's music.

warm regards.