Jul 1, 2012

Marvin Peterson - Hannibal in Antibes & the Soulmasters in Concert

barabara sounds sez:
High time I posted some Hannibal. The finest littlest-known trumpet free-funkster ever. So, making up for lost time, here are two sides, both live — except the second (the first chronologicly) is from when Marvin Peterson hadn't yet adopted his alternate name. In Antibes is from 1977, recorded in the south of France and released on enja, and he's at his jazz peak. In Concert with the Soulmasters dates from '68, when he was still just 20 and playing jazz-funk around his home state of TX. Both in their own ways are exceptionally cool...  

dusty sez (on Antibes):
A classic live set from trumpeter Marvin Hannibal Peterson – done with two side-long tracks that really let the group stretch out in a very spiritual way! The performance was captured at the Antibes festival in 1977 – and Hannibal's leading a relatively stripped-down group – with George Adams on flute and tenor, Diedre Murray on cello, Steve Neil on bass, and Mkaya Ntshoko on drums. The mixture of cello and bass, without any piano, echoes some of Peterson's larger ensemble work – but the feel here is much more lively and improvised – a mixture of his freer energies and deeper concepts, which makes for one of his most dynamic records ever.

…and (on live with the Soulmasters):
Rare early work from Hannibal Marvin Peterson – doing it live at the Burning Bush in Denton, TX in November of 1968, around the time Petersonwas still a student at North Texas State University – an incredible formative live document of one of the great soul jazz players, in a more soul & early funk inspired groove than the more exploratory style to come! The set's credited to Marvin Peterson & The Soulmasters – aptly billed, we might add – and it's a mix of organ funk, a more slow cooking number or two, and a couple nods to James Brown style funk soul! Marvin, not yet billed as Hannibal, is on trumpet and he sings on his own "Five Foot Seven" and also contributes some vocals to the JB cover "I Can't Stand It". Tim Peterson is on sax and flute, penned the set opening "Groove For Otis" and co-wrote "Our Groove" with Peterson. The group also covers the Gershwin classic "Summertime" and other players include Mike Campell on alto sax, Clevend Gay on trombone, Eugene Carrier on organ and tamborine, Richard Thompson and Eugene Murray on bass and Emry Thomas on drums.


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thanks TN! the antibes album is new to me!

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Looks good, I had forgotten the
North Texas connection with Hannibal. Many Thanks Tejas

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Thank you! Loving the Antibes set...

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always difficult to find some material of hannibal peterson
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hannibal is a prime example of an artist hardly anyone would have heard if it weren't for jazz blogs..thanks

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