Sep 5, 2010

Sarah Vaughan with Michel Legrand

from the liner notes:

'The first take,

as I recall, was "The Summer Knows". Sarah sang her heart out and I got swept up in the music too. We finished the song and I glanced around the studio and nearly all of the musicians had tears streaming down their faces, they were so moved. (Michel Legrand)

barabara sounds sez:

It sounds pretty damn fine now, too. On Vaughan's second album for Mainstream, Legrand's soaring

orchestrations elevate this set of ballads

by the Divine One to the stratosphere. A heavenly session indeed!

I know it's already out there in the blogosphere, but this is the JP CD reissue and includes a couple of fabulous bonus tracks — Jobim's Wave (which appeared on Vaughan's Send in the Clowns album); and Deep in the Night (originally on Feelin Good, her 3rd album for Mainstream) — thereby collecting everything the two did together.

dusty sez:

A beautiful collaboration between Sarah Vaughan and Michel Legrand -- and easily one of Sarah's greatest albums of the 70s! As he was doing with other singers at the time, Legrand helps Vaughan hit a new level of sophistication here — bringing in tunes that really get past simple pop and older standards, with adult themes supported by equally mature backings — filled with rich colors and complicated tones developed over Legrand's great work on film scores. Almost all tunes are originals by Michel — many pulled from his film work — and he also scored the arrangements here, working with the orchestra in a swirling blend of strings and jazz.

And one last thing... big up to Cheeba and the excellent Shad Shack site...
If you haven't checked it out yet, it's over here!


Anonymous said...

comments please — oh yes they certainly do!


snakeboy said...

Somehow I don't have this in my collection. Thanks for the post.

taro nombei said...

@ snakeboy
Thanks for dropping by!

Arkadin said...

That's really a nice one. I contributed it to the Shack some time ago (but it wasn't my rip). I hope it's ok that I left a comment there linking to your post? Cheers!

taro nombei said...

@ Arkadin
Always good to see you over here ;-)
Absolutely, links are always fine if you (and the Shad Shack) are involved
As mentioned this is my rip from the Japanese CD reissue @320.
One of my favorites too from that era, thanks to the Legrand strings probably...
Meanwhile, it was overdue, but I'm checking out Sarah with the Jimmy Rowles Quintet (Mainstream). I've been lazy‚ you've been busy!
all best!!

peskypesky said...

i'm definitely looking forward to hearing this album. I've only recently discovered the intense beauty of Sarah Vaughan's singing. I'd heard her name all my life, but not her music.

taro nombei said...

@ peskypesky
You couldn't have picked a better place to pick up on the Divine One!

Anonymous said...

Hi Barabara - great music from one of the best, many thanks - JohnH

chris_c said...

Thanks! Could the cover be the inspiration for the sleeve of Maggot Brain?

taro nombei said...

@ chris_c