Sep 20, 2010

Franco Ambrosetti - Movies + Movies, Too

barabara sounds sez:

Another double header, this time on enja. Swiss trumpeter Franco Ambrosetti's two fine albums, featuring takes on a range of movie theme tunes (or just tunes featured in movies), aided and abetted by some top sidemen. Two separate sessions, from 1987 and 88 (though Ambrosetti's own site says a year earlier than that).

I was dubious at first (after all Yawno recommends them) but there is, as he says, some great jazz on these albums.

And yes these are all my own rips and scans (from the JP remasters) thank you very much.

enja sez:

Born in 1941 in Lugano (Switzerland), Franco Ambrosetti started his recording career in 1964 as a sideman with his father Flavio, then a famous alto sax player. In years to follow he received several trumpet awards, was voted "Best European Jazz Musician" in Italy and was called "the most elegant hard bop trumpeter Europe has ever known." Dedicated to famous film melodies (by Gershwin, Lennon/McCartney, Hancock a.o.) and featuring American star players John Scofield and Geri Allen, "Movies" was Ambrosetti's most successful album in the eighties. Its re-definings of some well-known songs received top ratings, among them the prestigious German Critics Award. British Jazz Journal reads: "Comparisons could be drawn between Ambrosetti and Lester Bowie, in that both have blended gentle satire and serious blowing, but the Italo-Swiss has pulled off the idea with flair and taste."

amg (yanow) sez:

Movies: When one considers the repertoire — eight songs from movies. including the theme from The Magnificent Seven and the Beatles' "Yellow Submarine" — this recording may not seem to have much potential. But actually, the set list includes four well-known standards (including "That Old Black Magic" and "Falling In Love Again"), and all of the music is transformed into creative and consistently exciting jazz. Trumpeter/flugelhornist Franco Ambrosetti is the lead voice, but gives plenty of solo space to his illustrious sidemen... and the performances are generally quite memorable. Recommended.

Movies, Too: This second CD of movie themes once again finds flugelhornist Franco Ambrosetti transforming some unpromising themes into jazz (including "Theme from Superman," "Theme from Peter Gunn" and "What's New, Pussycat"), in addition to better-known standards such as "My Man," "Angel Eyes" and "God Bless the Child"... Well worth checking out.


Movies: Franco Ambrosetti trumpet, flugelhorn; John Scofield guitar; Geri Allen keyboards; Michael Foremanek bass; Daniel Humair drums; Jerry Gonzalez percussion

Movies, Too: Franco Ambrosetti trumpet, flugelhorn; John Scofield guitar; Greg Osby alto sax; Geri Allenkeyboards; Michael Foremanek bass; Daniel Humair drums

Arkadin posted a much earlier Ambrosetti album, A Jazz Portrait of... over at his place — here...


Anonymous said...

Wanna star in my movie?
Drop a comment here ;-)


movies, too

Arkadin said...

Thanks a lot for these (self ripped and scanned ;)) Ambrosetti-albums and for your link to my post. Much appreciated! I'll add a link to this your post on my blog, if you like?

taro nombei said...

Hey Arkadin
You're very welcome.
By all means add the link (tho at least one of these is still in print at enja so I may not keep it up very long).

@ everyone else...
you have been warned :-)

Feq'wah said...

Seeing those movie tunes on the tracklist, not something i would pick up.

But since you're featuring it on your blog, i'll have a listen.


taro nombei said...

@ Feq'wah
Yes right, Superman?!? The Yellow Sub?!?
But I think they're all well worth the listen. Hope you do too!

Feq'wah said...

Yes, nothing quite like i would have expected, and well worth the listen!

Antonio Barazzone said...

Hello, I've both the CDs and I love it! I'm a fan of Ambrosetti, and I like everything he plays.

taro nombei said...

@ Antonio Barazzone
Thanks for dropping by — and dropping a comment too.

Cosmo Vitelli said...

Hi. I dropped by checking these albums. A few days ago I saw the beginning of Ambrosetti new tour with Geri Allen. A w e s o m e concert. Franco said they were to record a new cd at the end of the tour, and mentioned these two very cds I went google... and here I am. Thank you for the reviews (I bought both the cds Japan ed.).

taro nombei said...

@ Cosmo Vitelli
Great to hear that Ambrosetti is still going strong. Not that we're likely to see him over here, but I'll look out for the new CD.
I'm also glad to hear you were able to buy the JP CD releases {which my rips are taken from}. Sharing the music — and encouraging people to go out and get hold the albums — is the whole point of this blog!
best wishes from Japan!