Apr 4, 2010

toufic farroukh - drab:zeen

barabara sounds sez:
Parts of this were recorded in Paris, other parts in Beirut. Toufic Farroukh mixes jazz and club grooves, blending them together with plenty of traditional levantine instruments. I enjoyed it at the time (it came out in 2002) but soon relegated it to the far depths of my closet. Having dug it out and dusted it off, the question is: does it work? The answer has to be: only in parts.

an amazon reviewer sez:
Can't really go wrong with Toufic Farroukh – he's innovative, funky, stylish, interesting. Each of his albums is different from the others, and all arguably pretty much equally entertaining. The sound on this album is rich and exotic, a bit less jazzy and more funky than his previous albums, with lots of interesting soundscapes. If you have a liking for Arab fusion, this is one of the better albums around.


Anonymous said...

French, Arabic, Japanese, English... feel free to drop comments in any language you choose.



Awwwww c'mon man, the guys worked hard an seems to be enjoying himself! Give him a listen it's all part of the journey

taro nombei said...

Yeah, it's all quite listenable but...
Do I like it the way I did when it first came out? I guess my ears have evolved over the interim!
thanks dropping by — and for the comment!

Anonymous said...

I still enjoy it. You should post the cd so others can listen.

taro nombei said...

@ anon
The link's still good.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I bought this while in Turkey about ten years ago and loved it. Unfortunately, someone stole my backpack upon returning home and I had not been able to find a copy. I am glad to have it to listen to again. Thanks again for sharing and helping to return some good memories.

taro nombei said...

@ Anon
Happy to help :-)

lazyproduction said...

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