Apr 13, 2010

Art Pepper - The Trip

barabara sounds sez:

A great late (1976) Pepper date that's not to be missed. And don't be fooled by the album title. Yes, he did hail from the West Coast, but this album has nothing to do with psychedelia (the drugs that fueled Art's art were smack and methadone). He actually wrote the title track when incarcerated in San Quentin for his habit. Check out the bonus extended 13-minute version on the last track. Essential. Classic? I'd say so.

wiki sez:

This album features The Trip, one of Art Pepper's own melodies written in 1963 while in San Quentin. Pepper likened jazz to the storytelling that took place between the prisoners. As he says in the sleeve notes, "When I play,... the sound that comes out of this thing, this piece of metal is just me saying these things and taking people on a trip."

an amazon customer sez:

This is definitely one of Art Pepper's greatest records. Everybody in the quartet is outstanding. Great to hear Art interacting with the great Elvin Jones. Pepper mixes sensitive ballad playing with hard edged blowing that shows the Coltrane influence that he picked up on. You can really hear this cat's life come out of the horn, including his many years in jails like San Quentin. This is as good as it gets!


Art Pepper alto sax; George Cables piano; David Williams bass; Elvin Jones drums


The Trip; A Song For Richard; Sweet Love Of Mine; Junior Cat; The Summer Knows; Red Car; The Trip [alt. take]


Anonymous said...

it's all just a trip, so don't be shy now...
let's hear from you


g.raf said...

Great album.
Many thanks for sharing it!

g.raf said...

Great album.
Many thanks for sharing it!

taro nombei said...

@ g.raf

You're very welcome!
You're very welcome!


mingusal said...

Thank you very much for this. I love Pepper from this period, and having Elvin and Cables aboard just makes it all the more interesting.

taro nombei said...

@ mingusal

thanks for dropping by!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Barabara

taro nombei said...

you're welcome

James A. Naismith said...

One of the first jazz records I ever owned was Art Pepper's Smack Up. I've never heard this one though, so I'm extremely grateful. Great, great artist.

taro nombei said...

@ James A. Naismith

You nailed it there. Hope you enjoy this one !!
And thanks for dropping by,

tommythomaso said...

Thanx, Barbara, for the art - Art Pepper, that is. Grand County's listeners, those fascinated by jazz, especially with a West Coast feel, will enjoy one or two of these tracks.

HMPZ said...

Don't have a Pepper record yet, so I'm curious what kind of jazz he plays. Thank you very much !

taro nombei said...

you're very welcome. one of his best, I'd say.

Rhythm Changes said...

Anything with some Elvin in it is bound to be a classic… thank you.


taro nombei said...

@ Rhythm Changes
That's so true — you're welcome!