Mar 1, 2010

Lester Bowie - The Great Pretender

dusty sez:
Lester Bowie's no pretender here -- as he really sounds great as a leader on his own, away from the Art Ensemble Of Chicago -- really finding his voice in music, and dipping into a full range of styles and expressions! Bowie's keen wit and sensitivity both come into play here -- and the album's a bit more open and free than his Brass Fantasy years -- almost hearkening back to elements of his St Louis scene, but with a bit more dynamism overall.

amazon sez:
Bowie stretches the title tune to over 16 minutes with an artful and witty exploration of trumpet sounds, from brassy declarations to low blasts to half-valve techniques that sound like muttered asides. With backup vocals by Fontella Bass and David Peaston and a raucous baritone saxophone interlude by Hamiet Bluiett, the Platters' doo-wop classic becomes suspended between kitsch and concerto. On the rest of the CD, Bowie is backed by a very creative rhythm section of underrated players, Donald Smith on piano and organ, Fred Williams on acoustic and electric basses, and Phillip Wilson on drums. Together they range skillfully from the camp of "It's Howdy Doody Time" to the free jazz of "Doom?" to the Latin funk of "Rios Negroes."

barabara sounds sez:


Anonymous said...

like? not like? unlike?
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. Lester Bowie remains my favorite trumpeter, and Rios Negros will get a lot of play.
John A.

E-mile said...

hi TN, I have this myself, a great & joyous album! good post.
peace, E-mile

taro nombei said...

@ E-mile
cheers and thanks for dropping by!

Anonymous said...

thanks. lester is missed greatly!

HSB said...

Hi TN first of all thank you for the good and interesting stuff on your blog! I especially appriciate the japanese Jazz stuff!
This Lester Bowie LP has a special meaning to me because it was one of the first jazz LPs ever I bought. I can't remember how often I've been listening to the title track.

taro nombei said...

I've got to agree, one of Lester's very best.
Thanks for dropping by — and dropping a comment!