Feb 28, 2010

Pat Metheny - Parallel Universe

barabara sounds sez:
Judged purely from the line-up, this live album from 1983 sounds like it might be very tasty indeed — Pat Metheny backed by the three Heath brothers, Jimmy, Percy & Albert. Too bad the music doesn't live up to that potential. Track 1, Metheny playing a solo improvisation, is worth the listen. For the rest of it, though, it sound like the band is just going through the motions. Maybe that's because it's a concert date, in Cannes no less (cue pun on canned music). The beautiful bourgeois people of the Cote d'Azure even start clapping along in time on one track FFS. So don't say you haven't been warned.

Nice cover art though!


Anonymous said...

Not expecting too many comments on this one ;–)


signaletic said...

thank you!

taro nombei said...

@ signaletic
Hey, you're welcome!
You're the first to comment — after a year a half.

You don't say what you think of the music though, I notice :-)