Oct 12, 2009

Lyman Woodard Organization Live At JJ's Lounge 1974

barabara sounds sez:
Here's a rare one from the Lyman "Saturday Night Special" Woodard Organization, which is high up there on a lot of people's lists as their favorite strata-east joint (yes, a difficult choice that one). Ripped from the JP reissue CD. The classic cut is 29-odd-minute final track — one for the inestimable Cheeba at Soundological.

dusty sez:
A rare live performance from the legendary Lyman Woodard Organization — captured here at the height of their powers in the 70s! The Organization has a really unique approach to their groove — one that starts in jazz, but moves quickly into funk -- with a spirit that you'd find in other 70s groups like Funk Inc or The Nineteenth Whole — both of which have the same soulful local spirit as Lyman's mighty group! Woodard himself is a wonderful organist — playing with these freewheeling lines that open the Hammond up strongly way past the Jimmy Smith generation, with a groove that's often soaring, but still tightly rhythmic too — a hypnotic vamp that's perfect for jamming tracks like these. Other group members are great too — and include Ron English on guitar, Norma Bell on alto sax, Lorenzo Brown on percussion, and Sundiata on congas — a very hip lineup that makes things really cook on the set! The recording was originally done for radio, and there's a few announcer bits — but that professional setting also makes the album sound way better than just a dodgy ol' local tape might. Titles include "Organ Interlude", "Kimba", "On Your Mind", "Last Tango In Paris", "You Make Me Feel Brand New", and "Cheeba".

track listing:
Kimba; On Your Mind; band announcement; Last Tango in Paris; A Portrait of Martha (organ interlude); You Make Me Feel Brand New; Cheeba


Anonymous said...

Pt.1 http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?nninmjr5zzw
Pt.2 http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?2t5ny2yninu


Reza said...

TN !!!!!
Hey nice to see you, you didnt say you were starting a blog
Excellent :)

Bill said...

SOLID! Many thanks!!

corvimax said...

very welcome this one

winton tostello said...

I must say thank u very very much!
If by any chance you know where to find Ron English's Fishfeet...

taro nombei said...

welcome one and all. thanks for dropping by.

@ Reza
yeah here we go, we'll have to see how it goes.
it's going to be very low key and sporadic.
in fact I was going to keep it all under the radar... until Simon rumbled me, that is. Now there it is, listed up on his blogwatch :)

there's no mission statement, just a motley selection of sounds lying around at the back of my closet that may be worth a listen or two.

as the name suggest, it'll be a mishmash [ばらばら].

hope it's fun...

taro nombei said...

@ winton tostello
we'll see what we can do... no promises though.

taro nombei said...

@ bill & corvimax
you're very welcome.

cheeba said...

Damn Taro! This one's a burner! At first wasn't too keen on the Stylistics cover but it sure picks up midway through. That closer is something else, too! Definitely evocative of the name if you ask me. :)

Thanks for the shout out and regardless of how often you post, look forward to more!

taro nombei said...

you're right, that track's slow to get going but builds up a nice groove by the end, just so you're ready for that last number — which as of today gets upgraded and takes over as the classic cut. ;)

psubliminal said...

I've had a copy of Leonard King's original tapes from this for years. I always wondered if they were ever going to release it. I thought about sharing it, but King told me in an e-mail back in 2001 that he had plans to put it out. After years went by I thought he was bullshitting.

This was recorded on October 12, 1974 as part of WDET-FM's annual fall fundraiser. Lyman and band were at JJ's Lounge inside downtown Detroit's Shelby Hotel. There's more on the tapes than what was released.

Peter said...

what a cooker!!!

taro nombei said...

@ Peter
you're right.
And you're very welcome (would that be 'de rien' in French?)

@ psubliminal
thanks for that imput — it would be great to hear more of this, though I suspect they've put out the very best bits — it's hard to think it getting much better that last track!

Greg Smela said...

THANK YOU FOR THIS! I've been looking for this for decades. Here's why: I was the recording tech for this session. At the time I was a student at Wayne State University working for the NPR station at Wayne: WDET-FM. We were doing a fundraiser and one of the shows was a live broadcast of Lyman Woodard at J.J.s in the Shelby Hotel. We alternated sets with Martha Reeves who was performing downstairs. The Lyman Woodard Orgnaization was fantastic! Like I said, I was the broadcast engineer for this show and was blown away by the music. I had heard that the tapes had been destroyed in a fire at WDET several years ago so I am happy to see the music is still around.

taro nombei said...

@ Greg Smela

That's a great comment.

I've got to say I'm deeply jealous because, fine as this album is, it must have been outstanding to see that band live. And "alternating sets with Martha Reeves"?!? What an evening that must have been!!

Did you see the comments above from psubliminal? Maybe there is more out there still to be released???

Anyway, thanks so much for dropping by and sharing that.


Art Simon said...

Wow, love it! Good to know there are still gems out there, thanks so much for this!


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taro nombei said...


Hi and thanks for digging deep in the Barabara Sounds vaults.

All my links are down since MF deleted my account. But I'll try and get around to re-upping new links as and when I have the time.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I too hope you'll find time to re-up this one sometime. I'm rediscovering my Detroit roots!