Aug 22, 2009

HAR-YOU Percussion Group - Sounds of the Ghetto Youth

barabara sounds sez:
Can't add much more to what dusty says below. Give your ears a treat!

dusty sez:
A legendary bit of Latin from the New York scene of the 60s — recorded by a host of youthful players working under the direction of percussionist Montego Joe! The group's name is a contraction of "Harlem Youth" — a program in which all players participated, as part of an effort to get kids involved in music uptown — spearheaded by Montego Joe, whose guidance in the set is greatly appreciated! There's a strong Latin Soul vibe running through the set — but one that's different than Joe's other work, a bit more rootsy at times, given all the percussion in the lineup — but warmed up nicely with bits of guitar, trumpet, and alto sax. The album's filled with great groovers — including the classic "Welcome To The Party Jam", and the amazing "Oua-Train" jazz cut, which has a slightly spiritual feel. Other tracks include "Feed Me Good", "Barrets Bag", "Tico", "Har-You Theme", "Ngoma", and "Santa Cruz". CD features a bonus track -- "Montego Joe's Har-You Postscript 2008".


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Thanks! Have the old 1995 Ubiquity CD but doesn't include the bonus track, so grabbing now!