May 13, 2012

Charlie Mariano - Reflections

barabara sounds sez:
Charlie Mariano laying down some very righteous lines in modal mode with his Finnish cohorts. This has to be one of my favorites from his later albums. It kicks in right from the start of Glenford Crescent and doesn't let go. Bonus points because it features the great Sabu (well, on 5 of the tracks anyway). Dusty rates it plenty too...

dusty groove sez:
A great set of fusion tunes – recorded by American Charlie Mariano, in the company of a very hip Finnish ensemble! This 1973 gem features some of Charlie's best work of the decade – freewheeling but never too out and with none of the rock flourishes that sometimes mar his other work at the time. The group is all-great too – with… Sabu Martinez on congas and percussion! Tracks have a tight jazzy bounce – with some choppy funky moments, and other nice modal grooving ones – and titles include "Spanish Dance No 2", Brother Muthalah", "Blue in Green" and "Rambling".

Charlie Mariano - alto & soprano sax, nagaswaram; Eero Koivistonen - tenor & soprano sax; Jukka Tolonen - electric guitar; Olli Ahvenlahti - piano, electric piano; Esko Linnavalli - piano; Pentti Hietanen - piano; Pekka Sarmanto - acoustic bass; Heikki Virtanen - electric bass; Esko Rossnell - drums; Reino Laine - drums; Sabu Martinez - congas, percussion

Glenford Crescent; Naima; Brother Muthaiah; Spanish Dance No. 2; Blue In Green; Thiruvarankulam; Chile; Rambling.  

Recorded in Helsinki, March 1974.

Ever wondered what a nagaswaram is and what it looks like? Check this out here...

And if you've ever wondered what they listen to all the way up there in the far north of Europe... head on over to Hoochiecoochieman's blog and check out some of his amazing mixes. Lots of great j-jazz there too!


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steve said...

This looks awesome! Many thanks!

the jazzstronaut said...

Thanks TN, this has always been a favourite.

apf said...

Thank you!

Miles said...

I'm not familiar with this Mariano outing. Perhaps I passed it over because of the "rock flourishes that sometimes mar(red) his other work (of) the time." If none of it is present here, I may just find this to be enjoyable. Thanks for the recommendation.

Hoochie Coochie man said...

Thanks for mentioning my blog TN :)

this album is a killer isn't it! one of my favorite albums from my country.

all the best

Anonymous said...

This is brilliant. He is up there with Pepper and McLean for me. A new name until i heard Little T which was posted on Private Press a while back...THANKS ! Funky T

Wally said...

Some fascinating music here. I have only just discovered your blog and pleased to see many of the links are still active.
It will take me some time to listen to all of the gems you have offered.
Many thanks for your efforts.
Cheers, Wally

taro nombei said...

thanks for all the comments!

@ Miles
Mariano did some great work in the 60s, especially with Toshiko A., but this is not to be missed.

@ Hoochie Coochie man
got to get the word out about the F-jazz !!

@ Funky T
yes Little T is outstanding. definitely my favorite period for him.

@ Wally
dig deep and enjoy!

boogieman said...

Hi Taro,

This is one of my favorite Mariano's albums from that period with the cream of Finnish jazz (eero Koivistonen & all). Highly recommended!

taro nombei said...

@ boogieman


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Very Good , Excellent Thanks.

Hanimex 3000 said...

too bad the link is no longer working out.

Anonymous said...

@ Hanimex 3000

That can be rectified…

Happy New Year to you!

Anonymous said...

What a treat to find a new link. Many thanks. I look forward to hearing some 'new' Mariano.


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Thanks a lot for this one !!!
Peace & Respect

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Many Thanks!!!

Much Appreciated.