Feb 22, 2012

Black Classical History of Spiritual Jazz 1955-2012

barabara sounds sez:
The mighty Black Classical has put together some legendary mixes in his time, but this one is truly epic. It runs for more than half a day. Yes you read that right: over 12 hours of the finest deep spiritual jazz. Just cast your eye down the running order (link below). Everyone that matters and then plenty more, all present and accounted for.

I'm a bit late to the party on this — or rather late to get the word out. That's because it's taken me this long to listen through it!

All there is to say at this point is: if you haven't checked out this epic work, then you're even later than me.

It's over here... Now don't walk, RUN!


Miles said...

yes, the blackclassical mixes are always works of wonder, but 12 hours of material might be difficult to wade through --- conceivably too much of a good thing if that's possible. thanks for the tip. it'll no doubt take me weeks to absorb it all.

taro nombei said...

@ Miles
You're right, there's a definite danger of ODing here. In fact I'm tempted to issue a warning to others:

Dr Barabara sez:
This mix is powerful medicine, not for dabbling with recreationally. Best taken a little at a time, perhaps in half hour shots after meals, or before retiring at night, gradually increasing the dosage as appropriate.


bongohito said...

I'm a bit late to the party myself, missing this gem and the Teddy Charles (which I have but appreciate you sharing). Cheers and I hope the new year is treating you well. Spring is right around the corner.

Oro said...


I have just joined your great blog. I am looking towards new members on mine (Oro)


I hope you will enjoy it
Best Regards

Anonymous said...

Yomped through this and some fabulous sections weighed down by an overdose of spoken word (not to my taste) Also missing Billy Harper, Archie Shepp,Joe Henderson, Horace Tapscott and the sublime contemporary spirtual/modal sounds of Nat Birchall and Matthew Halsall on Gondwana. See Paris DJs for a wicked taster mix. That said...big thanks for posting this link. Funky Trev.

taro nombei said...

@ Funky Trev

Cheers. And thanks for the tip about the Paris DJs pod cast. A wicked mix indeed.

Anyone else not up to speed on this (I wasn't), it's over here:

taro nombei said...

@ Oro

Thanks for dropping by.
Your blog is great! Love those African sounds!

All the best from over here.

taro nombei said...

@ bongohito

cheers and how was your hanami?

blackclassical said...

Thanks for posting the promo mate really appreciate it :)

Dear Anonymous

I tried to keep away from the obvious stuff all the artists you mention apart from the gowanda crowd all play on some capacity on some of the selections, remember the tl isnt 100% accurate i missed a few out most probably...

Appreciate the view tho.


taro nombei said...

@ blackclassical

cheers! and all the best from over here!!

thebeathunters said...

been into for a few hours now and it's very cool and pleasantly inspirational
thanks for sharing such a gem!

thebeathunters said...

bee into it for a few hours now
totally cool and inspirational
thanks for sharing!