Jun 4, 2011

sleep walker - sleep walker + works

barabara sounds sez:
While I’m about it here, I might as well drop the other two Sleep Walker albums: the excellent self-titled debut; and the third, the “remixes/best-of/new bits and pieces” Works. Not the first time they've been out in the blogosphere. And there's not much more I need say about these bangers – except if you've not heard them before and you like a nice bit of premium club jazz, then your ears are in for a treat. Enjoy!

dusty sez (about Works):
…a collection of singles, remixes, and new tracks, all representing some of the best work from this ultra-hip club jazz combo! As with their full albums, the style here is jazz-based at the outset - played in a classic mode that has plenty of echoes of Impulse Records during the Coltrane generation – but forged into a tighter, leaner groove for the 21st Century – a mode that's sometimes rhythmic and aimed at the dancefloor, yet which never loses any sense of depth or creativity from a jazz perspective! Saxophonist Masato Nakamura contributes some incredibly great tenor and soprano work to the tunes – and Hajimi Yoshizawa's modal piano lines pulsate tremendously throughout. A few cuts are remixes, but still very much embody the Sleep Walker sound - with new instrumentation, as the group makes a live jazz take on the tracks they're supposedly remixing!

dusty sez (about Sleep Walker)
A monumental bit of club jazz – one of the best new records we've heard in years, with a sound that's right up there with the best of Impulse Records from the classic years! The album's a side project of Japanese producer/keyboardist Hajime Yoshizawa – and unlike his other records, which have a much stronger dance/soul approach, this set's almost purely straight jazz – done with majestically searching solos on both keyboards and sax, the latter of which is played by Masato Nakamura, who has a tone that almost recalls Pharoah Sanders! The whole thing's great – a brilliant piece of Love Supreme jazz, co-produced by Kyoto Jazz Massive, who give the record enough of a bounce to make it appeal to fans of recent work by them, Koop, or Jazzanova as well. An instant classic – and a mindblowingly deep record that we'll be playing for years!


taro nombei said...

Anonymous said...
As I said last time around, don't sleep (walk) on these albums.
And I tell you what really Works: getting a few comments :-)


Sleep Walker (pt1)

Sleep Walker (pt2)

boogieman said...

hi Taro,

I sympathise, getting comments is very hard. I assume people like the music when i see how many visitors i get but only a tiny minority leaves a comment. Anyway, I should tell you that I enjoyed the first Sleepwalker album you posted, so I'm looking forward to hear these. I wan't familiar with the band but I surely would love to see them live. Cheers

Anonymous said...

Thank you for these excellent albums by Sleepwalker.
Very difficult for us to find them.
Many,many thanks...(more thanks for the covers too...)
All the best!!!
Kostas from Greece.

Winb said...

Got the first two Sleepwalker albums when they were first issued and they are storming. I love the voyage with Pharoah Sanders especially. I'll have a look around and see what else you have

taro nombei said...

Thanks for dropping by. And for dropping a comment too!
I never 'expect' comments... but I do like them! And that's why I like to give visitors a nudge in that direction :-)
Glad you're enjoying these albums. Sleep Walker doesn't play as a unit these days, but Hajime (keyboards) plays regularly around Tokyo, sometimes with other members of Sleep Walker. all best...

taro nombei said...

@ Kostas
You're very welcome! All the best from over here!!!

taro nombei said...

@ Winb
Dig deep! There are some gems to be found in these vaults ;-)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic stuff - I bought the vinyl when it came out, & it still sounds great! Keep up the good work!

taro nombei said...

cheers Chopsy!

KingCake said...

Okay, I'm intrigued - I'll report back

112nortwest said...

Never heard of this band and I am really looking forward to these posts - Been a frequent member and not as frequent with my comments but I would like to let you know that I always enjoy paying a visit to this great blog - thanks for the work!

taro nombei said...

@ 112nortwest
thanks to you — I appreciate the feedback!

upkerry14 said...

Looks interesting. I have never heard of them either. Is this mp3 or flac? If you like live jazz come visit www.oneweekman.blogspot.com. Do you live in Japan? I just returned form holiday there. Great place! Thanks for a taste of something different.

taro nombei said...

@ upkerry14
Did you catch any good jazz while you were in town?
Thanks for the feedback!

Jayjay said...

Cool! Thanks.

Joao said...

Good afternoon. Is there a way you could reupload these?

Thank you for your effort, and the whole blog.

taro nombei said...

@ Joao

Thanks. I'll try to get to that soon, in the next week or so. Keep checking back – but don't hold your breath :)