May 9, 2011

Kohsuke Mine - Out Of Chaos

barabara sounds sez:
Fine flowing modal music from Mine and his crew (a crack team of the usual j-jazz suspects) from back in '74. This was one of Mine's first outings after switching from alto to tenor and definitely one of his best ever. Also one of the first albums on the very righteous East Wind label. The stately lyrical second track (by Kikuchi) is a standout here, sandwiched between the two high-power numbers penned by Mine.

The concept for the cover art is questionable (red gloop as a representation of chaos? Or maybe the art director used this image because s/he was clean out of chaos?). But when it comes to the music, there's nothing lacking here whatsoever! [ripped from the CD reissue]

Mine Kohsuke tenor sax; Kikuchi Masabumi piano; Okada Tsutomu bass; Hino Motohiko drums


Recollection; Little Abi; Cross Wind


Anonymous said...

the rip is mine (pun intended).
the comments are yours...

E-mile said...

Nice one TN! escpecially track 3 [:-) thank you.
I only knew his 1975 solid album, thanks for some more to explore.
peace, E-mile

corvimax said...

thank you

taro nombei said...

@ E-mile & corvimax
Good to hear from you both...
And peace to you too!

Anonymous said...

Thanks =)


Anonymous said...

i heard his "Sunshower" some time ago, not so good as i supposed, but "Daguri" is just great, and i guess this one is closer to "Daguri" sound, isn't it? anyway, it would be great if there is a chance of a reupload of this album!


taro nombei said...

Just as good as Daguri, in my book!

Here you go, Igor:

Anonymous said...

huge thank for the new link!
well, the album sounds great i must say, it really does!))


taro nombei said...

You're very welcome, Igor.
(everyone else, too!)
And thanks for letting me know!!

thebeathunters said...

hi taro
great to get this one! thanks for new link. can't get enough of japanese jazz... by any chance do you have his first spiritual lp "mine" on tbm?
keep on groovin'

taro nombei said...

@ thebeathunters

hey phil, and thanks for the enthusiasm!
I do have Mine's first album somewhere — but the rip is not mine (pun intended).
If I can track it down it I'll post it.
A bit busy at the moment but I'll get to it soon...

taro nombei said...

OK, here we go: TBM-1, the "Mine" album...
This was a rip from Pharaoh's Dance back in the day: big up Vesper!

this one's for phil @ thebeathunters