Feb 23, 2011

Kalaparusha - Kwanza

barabara sounds sez:

The one and only Kalaparusha, free and fiery, on Baystate from '77 (to be precise, recorded in NYC in M
ay 9, 1977)
. This little number goes for substantial bucks for the original album, and even the reissue — which this is ripped from — is hard to get hold of now. W
hich is why the scans, including the art above, still have the obi and shrink wrap on.

what my original post said:

I had this post all ready to go up for a couple of weeks. But while I dallied (out of town actually), it has now been posted over at the excellent Inconstant Sol, so I didn't bother. Instead, head over there to pick it up — and check out the comments, including a link to a film about where Kalaparushi Maurice McIntyre is at right now (and it ain't a good place).

But enough time has elapsed, so this has been reinstated as a full-fledged barabara sounds post. Too good not to share :-)


Kwanza; Leo; Buumba; Around We Go


Kalaparusha: tenor sax & clarinet

Malachi Thompson: trumpet

Hakim Jami: bass

John Betsch: drums

Juma Sultan: congas & percussions


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taro nombei said...

@ onxidlib said...
No prob!

onxidlib said...

All the best to you!

E-mile said...

goooood stuff! indeed picked it up over at Sol's spot, but hey! great ears think alike [:-)
peace, E-mile

taro nombei said...

@ E-mile
<…great ears think alike…>
LOL — and all best!

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taro nombei said...

Well, due to the (constantly) prodigious output at Inconstant Sol, their post is well buried now.
So I'm now going to put the mp3 rips I had ready to go.
Stay tuned...

Anonymous said...

A Baystate classic: enjoy...