Nov 26, 2010

Reverie - Reverie

barabara sounds sez:
I don't know much about this band or this album, other than what's here in front of me: a limited edition reissue of the band's first album which originally came out in 1980.
It appears they were together for a dozen years or so, made 3 or 4 albums and gigged solidly without making too much impact (except in Philly, where apparently they were 'legendary')...

On some of these tracks you can tell they spent plenty of time listening to Weather Report. And interestingly, bassist Gerald Veasley went on to play with the Zawinul Syndicate for some seven years (also with Grover Washington and plenty others). None of the other band members seem to have made it big, but they certainly had pretty fine chops. Whether or not you like the music will depend on what your take is on fusion/electro jazz.

Mark Knox keyboards; Ed Yellen sax; Gerald Veasley bass; Jim Miller drums; also Stan Slatter trumpet, flugelhorn, flute; Larry Coryell guitar (track 4)

There's some footage of Reverie in action here and here and here.
Also a nice number featuring Veasley with the Joe Zawinul Syndicate here...
And I just noticed that he's also featured on a couple of Odean Pope albums here and here, posted recently by PostMiles.


Anonymous said...

All comments and feedback welcome.
Let me know you're out there!

Slidewell said...

Hmm, I guess I missed these guys from my Philly days. Look forward to hearing this. If they can reasonably evoke Weather Report's sound, that'll be fine with me. Thanks!

Art Simon said...

Cool, thanks for this, I haven't heard about this one!

taro nombei said...

@ Slidewell
Seems like they were regulars at a place called The Khyber.
Never been to Philly myself, but seems like it was a cool scene (quite apart from the soul music).
The Weather Report influence comes through especially strong on the video clips.

@ Art Simon

Anonymous said...

I know this album well, its very collectable on the British Jazz dance scene particularly for the track"In every Way"(a sublime tune!), It's what that scene was built on back in the very early eighties. Thanks for a top class post!!

Calisan said...

No sabia nada de este grupo y fue muy agradable descubrir esta rareza!

Anonymous said...

yes this was a tune the dj Paul murphy(giles peterson understudied him) used to play at a club called jaffas west end in the early 80's.tuuuune ps got the t shirt blah blah top post keep it up

taro nombei said...

@ calison
de nada!

@ anons
thanks people.
I wasn't around then/there but it sounds like it was a fun scene.
the comments are much appreciated !

Anonymous said...

Jim Miller still plays great and runs an equally great label.

Send him some $$$ and love, as Philly has nowhere at all to play anymore.

taro nombei said...

thanks for that link, anon.

everyone else: check out this and other vids (this one featuring Mark Knox: