Oct 7, 2010

Snowboy presents... Essential Cuban, Brazilian Hard Bop + Fusion

barabarasounds sez:

Folks over in the UK will know a lot more than me about Snowboy and this album. What I do know is that when he came through Tokyo — it was around the time this album came out — he destroyed the dance floor. The title says it all: a seamless blend of classic and contemporary, jazz and cubano and latin jazz, the insistent rhythms of Rio and Bahia, and even some afrobeat. Needless to say, it's a banger from start to finish!

As a DJ and percussionist, Snowboy's jazz-dance nights in the nineties and noughties are now legendary — as documented in his 2009 book, "From Jazz Funk & Fusion To Acid Jazz: The History Of The UK Jazz Dance Scene" — available here...

an amazon reviewer sez:

I bought this album on a whim,within 20 minutes I was hooked.The brilliant Snowboy has compiled a real foot tapping,hip swinging,sounds of sunny days in Havana type piece. From the flute, bass and piano-driven "(Used to be a) Cha-Cha" to the big-band0era feel of "La Habana Sol"… superb jazz for the soul!!

discogs sez:

As DJ, producer, percussionist and band leader (The Latin Seeds), Snowboy has been spreading the word of Afro-Cuban Jazz for over three decades… He began as a DJ in the 1970's, also learning percussion… He also ran the Hi-Hat Jazz-Dance Club at the Jazz Cafe in Camden Town, London, which has been a cornerstone of the jazz dance scene surviving all other club fads... Considered as one of the most knowledgeable jazz dance DJ's worldwide, he has even showcased UK jazz dance music and dancing, with a troupe of dancers, at Yale University in the USA in 2009.

NME sed (6/30/01):

"...This is mad, effervescent Latin jazz fusion to dance to... filling a tiny weird niche brilliantly…"

There's a good review of Snowboy's book here in Mondomix

And plenty more on his own web site...


Anonymous said...

As the title says, the music is essential.
Comments, on the other hand, are optional — though I do always appreciate them!

pt.I: http://www.mediafire.com/?29mgzvjlavq8rzx

pt.2: http://www.mediafire.com/?g67wdkon8wf4tq4

Simon666 said...

Great stuff, thanks TN :)

Reza said...

Yep, top brit percussionist, went to many of those jazz dance nights with bacoso, essential - understatement

taro nombei said...

@ Simon666
You're welcome! Didn't Snowboy ever make it down to Sydney?

@ Reza
Yeah I figured you guys must have been there!
That must have been quite an era in London...

Feq'wah said...

Yes! An excellent compilation! And if i'm not mistaken there's also a second volume? Haven't heard it yet though...but the first one has a place in my collection :)

Highly recommended.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for offering this record !

taro nombei said...

@ Feq'wah

I've never seen another album but quite possibly this one -- the return of the hi-hat -- was the second album.
anyone know?

Benja said...

hello everyone,
I just recently discovered this blog and already have spent quite a bit of time already. i will definitely be checking in. thanks for the great info!

taro nombei said...

@ Benja
Thanks for the comment and have fun digging!