Jul 18, 2010

Charles Mingus - Mingus At Carnegie Hall

barabara sounds sez:

The great great Mingus jamming live with an all-star cast featuring five — count them — top sax players (Hamiet Bluiett was in the Mingus band at the time; the other four were guests), not to mention the greatest stritch player that ever lived... Enjoy it! You can tell the musicians themselves did!

AMG sez:

Atlantic Records, somewhat perversely, chose to release two performances from this concert that had the strongest aura of "jam session" about them. But the show included a solid opening set by the working band of the time, as well as a freer finale, all of which remains unissued. This is a fun 45 minutes, particularly for the jovial interplay between saxophonists Kirk and Adams, but in its released form, only hints at the strength of The Jazz Workshop in 1974.

an amazon reviewer sez:

This live recording captures the essence of Mingus' larger band excursions and is somewhat more improvised than many of his other larger band dates. For one the inclusion of Hamiet Bluiett adds a free sense that is not usually evident in a Mingus recording. Also the ever changing Rahsaan Roland Kirk equally adds color to this Mingus' lineup. The band takes Duke Ellingtons "C Jam Blues" and changes the whole texture and face of the song turning it into a partially improvised tour de force that features Bluietts baritone sax work and kirks tenor and stritch. The other tune is a masterfull take on "Perdido" and it is equally exciting. The amazing thing about this date is Mingus' ability to assemble the best players in jazz in one band and come up with something as good as this. I only wish that I had been there to witness this incredible live performance.

Track listing:

SIde 1. C Jam Blues (24:32)

Side 2. Perdido (21:53)


Charles Mingus bass; Georges Adams tenor sax; Hamiet Bluiett baritone sax; Don Pullen piano; Dannie Richmond drums

Guest artists: Jon Faddis trumpet; John Handy alto and tenor sax; Rahsaan Roland Kirk tenor sax, stritch; Charles McPherson alto sax

Recorded January 19, 1974 at Carnegie Hall, NYC


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praise and plaudits please (yes they do)!


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