Jan 10, 2010

Black Jazz Chronicles - Future Juju

barabara sounds sez:
I used to listen to quite a bit of this kind of music back in the day, at least if it was half good. This wasn't half good, I thought at the time, though now obviously it doesn't have the same sort of impact. A period piece, let's call it, and not that easy to get hold of these days.

AMG sez:
The solo debut for Ashley Beedle is a fusion of Afrocentric jazz textures and tribal-disco rhythms with science-fiction mythology gained from equal parts Sun Ra and Juan Atkins. It's perhaps the least danceable album his name has been attached to, though much like the contemporary work of Kirk Degiorgio's As One (the vastly similar Planetary Folklore had been released two months earlier), Future Ju-Ju sees Beedle expanding his stylistic reference points so as to encompass the dancefloor, not leave it behind.

Cheeba has more Ashley Beedle/Black Science Orchestra over at his place: here and here


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cheeba said...

Nice! Never picked up the LP since I had most of it on 12" singles, so thanks Taro! Shame about the low bitrate but happy to hear a couple of these tracks for the first time nonetheless!

I like your comparison to Degiorgio's "Planetary Folklore" the grooves of which I've nearly worn out on the vinyl. I'd also add a comparison to Ian O'Brien's style of jazz-Detroit techno fusion as well.

Thanks for this and also the links over to mine too! Proper!

taro nombei said...

Hey Cheeba,
I'd like to claim it's my comparison, but in fact it was AMG's

dj madrid said...

Just pulled this album out of the collection. Nice to see someone talking about it.