Nov 2, 2009

Dino Saluzzi - Kultrum

dusty sez:
Haunting sounds from one of the most overlooked musicians on ECM — bandoneon player Dino Saluzzi, an artist who easily made some of the most compelling work for the label during the 80s! Dino handles all instrumentation here himself — using bandoneon both in traditional ways, and in really experimental modes — and mixing it up with added percussion and flutes, plus just a bit of voice as well — all in a sound with echoes of older South American folk, tinges of European modernism, and a pan-global sensibility that's really unique. Titles include "El Rio Y El Abuelo", "Pasos Que Quedan", "Por El Sol Y Por La Lluvia", "Gabriel Kondor", "Kulturum Pampa", and "Agua De Paz".

barabara sounds sez:
Even for ECM this one is way out there. It's bandoneon but it's a long long way from tango. It's a bit folky, as in Western folk music; a lot folkloric, as in non-European; a bit improvisational; a lot like a soundtrack for an art-house gaucho movie. Atmospheric late-night sounds. Enjoy.